7 Things To Avoid If Your Boyfriend Has A Small Penis


Let’s face it; modern society still thinks highly of large penises. Back in Ancient Greece and just by looking at old paintings, one would notice that what was deemed popular in the old days were small penises. But now, it’s all about having a thick, long penis. The fascination with large penises could have been entirely okay, but because of it men now feel ashamed if they have an average or small penis. What men and woman have to understand is that size really does not matter, especially because the vagina only requires about 3 inches of penetration from the penis. Any more than that is practically unnecessary.

So, here are a few things you should try to avoid if your boyfriend does have a small penis.


Are you ready?Are you ready?

If your boyfriend does not have at least a 5 or 6-inch penis, then his penis is considered small. But don’t let that ruin your relationship. Read below for some tips

1. Do not kid with him1. Do not kid with him

Never ever say that his penis is huge. He’s been living with it his whole life; a man should already know whether his penis is small, average, or large. Don’t try to fool the both of you because it could only hurt feelings.

2. Do not lie about the sensation2. Do not lie about the sensation

If you don’t feel his penis touching your insides and gripping your vagina tightly, don’t act like you’re going crazy for him. It will only embarrass him more. Also, women prefer average-sized penises, not large ones. And if he has a small penis, then he can satisfy you in other ways, perhaps by using dildos, vibrators or by great oral stimulation.

3. Don’t say the penis is cute3. Don't say the penis is cute

Similar to saying that a small penis is large, do not ever say that it’s cute, cuddly or anything similar. Do not give it a nice nickname and treat it like some innocent kind. You’ll only hurt your boyfriend’s feelings more

4. Do not make jokes about a small penis4. Do not make jokes about a small penis

Please, your boyfriend is already aware of his small penis during and after sex. Do not try to even make silly jokes about it, he probably does not want to hear them from someone he loves so much

5. Do not gossip about it5. Do not gossip about it

Come on, your boyfriend obviously does not want other people looking at him knowing that he has a small penis. Maybe you can talk about his small penis with your best friend, but don’t announce it to many people. Be careful.

6. Do not make fun of his penis during a fight6. Do not make fun of his penis during a fight

In relationships, conflict is inevitable. However, what you can avoid is telling that your boyfriend’s penis is small. That is something that says something bad about you as a person. Relax, and don’t hurt him more.

7. Never cheat7. Never cheat

In case you haven’t realized, you should not cheat if your boyfriend has a small penis. If dildos, vibrators or oral stimulation isn’t enough, talk to him about having a casual or open relationship. Do not just cheat on him.