A Unique Fact About Facebook Notifications You Didn’t Know About


Facebook turned out to be witty. There are still some features undiscovered on the most famous social platform we use in our daily life.
We check for Facebook notifications every minute, whether it’s a message, or a friend request or maybe a like/comment.
In spite of checking them every minute, we failed to notice one ‘awesome’ meaning about those red numbers on the little globe.

Yes. Read on to find out.Yes. Read on to find out.

Log on to Facebook.Facebook Notification

Loading..Loading..Loading.. Loaded.Facebook Notification

Look out for the notifications.Facebook Notification

Yes, there you go. Did you notice the little globe? Now, do you recognize the continents engraved on it?Facebook Notification

This feature has a hidden message, which some of us failed to decipher. If you live in Asia, the notification globe will show ‘Asian’ continents on it. (also Australia, because it’s near to Asia)

Similarly. if you live in the US, the notification globe will spin to ‘American’ continents.Facebook Notification

Of course, you didn’t. But, now you do.Facebook Notification