When The Girl Underwent Surgeries, No One Expected Her To Look Like This


The world is not kind to you if you look any different to what they approve of. There are certain physical standards one needs to maintain, and Lilli Sim failed to do so as she was born with a rare disease. But that didn’t stop this brave soul from fighting against all odds and come out as successful. One upon a time people stared at her for the visible shortcomings on her face.

But her story changed as she underwent surgeries. Read on to know more about the inspiration that is Lilli Sim.

Lilli Sim was born with a rare condition called craniofrontonasal dysplasia (CFND).Girl Underwent Surgeries

Doctor expected that Lilli would only live for a few months as doctors thought that she has Cohen’s syndrome…Girl Underwent Surgeries

but soon after some tests, they realised that she had CNFD.

As the result, she went through her very first surgery at the age of six months.Girl Underwent Surgeries

She underwent a surgery again when she was barely four.

It was quite difficult for Lilli to make friends at school. Mostly, other students bullied her.Girl Underwent Surgeries

Hence, her grandfather often went to her school during lunch time so that she doesn’t have to eat alone.

When she reached high school, people cosied up to her and didn’t treat her in any different way than they treated others.Girl Underwent Surgeries

Her family was very concerned about things.Girl Underwent Surgeries

Emily has received surgeries throughout her life.Girl Underwent Surgeries

Having even her jaw broken and then moved.

Not letting anything phase them, Lilli and her mother enjoy sports a lot.Girl Underwent Surgeries

After so many facial reconstruction surgeries, Lilli is back to the normal but not completely.Girl Underwent Surgeries

After struggling so much, she wants to help others and become a social worker.Girl Underwent Surgeries

Lilli’s story is an inspiration which tells us that no matter what we should be ourselves and live our lives to the fullest.Girl Underwent Surgeries

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