11 Behind The Scene Moments You’ve Never Seen Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’


Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady must be very happy up to this date because of the skyrocketing fame and an overwhelming patronage of people around the world when it comes to the sitcom ‘The Big bang Theory’. In case you’ve missed how this phenomenal American series came about, it is basically a geeky watch about Pasadena, California apartment spacersSheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter who are also Caltech physicists, Penny, a frustrated actress who once become a waitress and eventually turned into a medical representative, and other characters Howard Wolowitz (aerospace engineer), and Raj Koothrappali (astrophysicist). They were basically doing silly stuff at one point, comedy and romance at another point, then turned into scientific and credible beings.

Above a very warm welcome of viewers globally, the sitcom still had some secrets yet to be exposed. Now, we are glad to have this information researched, and we want you to know the same thing, especially some accounts off-camera. If you think that ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ is a plainly amazing series, you’re wrong. What happened behind the lenses is more interesting for you to know.


Melissa Rauch who played as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz has a secret pitch to tell.Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Melissa is never high-pitched. That is, it’s part of her acting. How the hell did she sustain that highness for long?

Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard get richer after each episode.Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

That’s absolutely true. In fact, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki earns $1,000,000 per episode. Can you get that much talent fee?

The rest of the cast gets $250,000 lessBehind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Do the math, hommies. Based on the figures, it’s safe to say that the show is really high-earning.

Mayim Bialik is more than just a character you know.Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

In The Big Bang Theory, she played the role of Amy Farra Fowler, PhD., a science fellow focusing on Microbiology. In real life, she also finished a doctorate in Neuroscience at UCLA. Her role seems to be an extension of her real persona.

Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki dated before the show got too famous.Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

The song “Soft Kitty” is never patented.Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Actually, it appeared as if it was copied from a school song “Warm Kitty”. The songwriter named Edith Newlin filed a complaint against the show for doing such illegal act.

Character Sheldon Cooper should have been possessing a sexually-active persona.Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

If you would re-watch the first episodes of the series, Jim Parson’s character behaved that way. Eventually, his sexually-active hype disappeared for some reasons. Maybe the character is very true or very exaggerated. Choose one.

Johnny Galecki’s role should be tuxedo-loving, but..Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

What happened was he’s more into hoodies. Alright, geek-o.

Amanda Walsh should have been PennyBehind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

This was screengrabbed from the unaired pilot episode of the series. What happened then? Amanda’s not meant for the role.

A Belarusian TV series ‘copied’ The Big Bang Theory.Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

All the elevator scenes are shot in the same place.Behind The Scene Moments Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

It’s just for you to know. There’s nothing controversial or disgusting. The show’s after for cost-efficiency and we cannot blame them for it.