10 Bizarre Animal Language Facts That Will Totally Surprise You


God works in his own mysterious ways. And this is why he created living beings so as to keep on discovering and enlightening each other in our own unique ways. Of course, every species on this planet is unique.

So, here I have compiled a set of unique animal facts to enlighten you today.

1. Cats only meow at humans.1. Cats only meow at humans.

Cats never meow at their fellow mates, but only at humans. And the purpose of meowing is to get human’s attention, either for food, to say hello, or to go outside.

2. Prairie dogs are complex in nature.2. Prairie dogs are complex in nature.

It is believed that with a single chirp, they can communicate every detail of its predators to the rest of the group. They can even communicate the color of the clothing of humans and if they carried a gun.

3. Beetles use Morse code.3. Beetles use Morse code.

A species of beetle called death-watch beetles use a method similar to the Morse code. The beetle taps its head on the top of the tunnel. As a result, it produces echoes which travel along the length of the tunnel and delivers the message to the rest of the group.

4. Elephants have distinct voices too.4. Elephants have distinct voices too.

A biologist Andrea Turkalo, studied a herd of elephants in Congo for nearly 19 years. He discovered that they have distinctive voices too. Turkalo says that he can instantly identify an individual elephant by the sound of its call. He is also preparing an elephant dictionary by compiling their sounds.

5. Hens can talk to their eggs and they talk back.5. Hens can talk to their eggs and they talk back.

About a day before hatching, the baby chickens make noises.The mother hen will also cluck back to her in a creepy manner. This is believed to be a gesture of reassurance to the young one.

6. Baboons hate slang.6. Baboons hate slang.

Most of us get annoyed even when we hear slang in the vernacular. Baboons too feel the same pain. A group of six baboons was given thousands of tests, over a time period of six weeks. The tests involved using touch screen computers that showed a list of numerous words. Some of these words were real while some were made up ones. The baboons were required to identify which was rubbish and which of them had meanings. The fake words were arranged to look like words. The baboons passed with unbelievable accuracy and managed to correctly identify the made up words nearly 75 percent of the time.

7. Frogs can speak. But humans can’t hear them.7. Frogs can speak. But humans can't hear them.

A species of frog from Southeast Asia, Huia Cavitympanum, is known to communicate at ultrasonic frequencies. Ultrasonic sounds cannot be heard by humans. This species of frogs can emit and hear sounds of up to 38-kilo hertz which is almost 18-kilo hertz higher that what humans can detect.

8. Dolphins learn a second language.8. Dolphins learn a second language.

Dolphins speak a different language when they sleep. When they are awake, they never mimic this language. But, during the nighttime, they hum as if they are singing whale songs.

9. Parrots don’t just copy us.9. Parrots don't just copy us.

Parrots don’t only repeat sounds they hear, but they really learn the words and have conversations. Once upon a time there was a grey parrot named Alex, who actually said his owner,”Don’t you tell me to calm down.”

10. Some fish use sign language.10. Some fish use sign language.

Fish don’t just use their fins to swim, they also make gestures with them. If they’re successful in trapping their preys, they point their noses towards them and dance to signal the prey’s presence.