[Watch] This Slow Motion Video Of Real People Experiencing Real Org*sm Is Simply Superb!


Have you ever imagined what your face looks like when you get an org*sm? Has your partner ever gave you an idea about all the weird expressions you have on your face when you ‘come’?tumblr_njzcq6FOwo1shnno7o1_500

As sexy as sex is, the expressions you make when you ‘come’ are some sometimes sexy AF too.There are ten thousand expressions that you can probably have on your face when you make love with your partner and you’ll hardly remember any of those because you are so lost in love. And then the only way to see your own expressions is to record them. Even better, is to play it in slow motion mode.OrgasmWoman

That is exactly what these people did and while it is a very brave thing to do, it is also very hilarious. You may not be able to make it to the end of the video, but you must just so you know you could be having one of those expressions too.

Check out the video