Shocking Footage Of A Man Shooting His Own Face


The Internet is filled with crazies all over. This is something we accept with open arms. However, what we find hard to swallow is the fact that people will go to insane levels just for a moment of fame. Especially, when someone out there is holding a gun to his face, ready to blow his face up, just so that someone can shoot him doing that.

Shockingly, this didn’t turn out to be a bad joke as a bullet shot through his cheeks, and he swallowed it afterward. This sounds downright sick to me and if you think it’s not, then you have got to scroll down.

This guy willingly chose to put a gun on his cheek and shot bullet while someone filmed him doing so.Shocking Footage Of A Man Shooting His Face

He laughs it off after swallowing the bullet.Shocking Footage Of A Man Shooting His Face

When the man behind the camera asked him. “Did it hurt?” he replied with a “Yeah” …Shocking Footage Of A Man Shooting His Face

. before adding, “Fuck, I don’t give a fuck about nothing anything anymore.” He was spitting blood as he said all this.

Apparently, he wanted to film it as a part of a music video he wanted to release.Shocking Footage Of A Man Shooting His Face