Whoa! This Boy Looks Like 80-Year-Old Man But Actually He Is…


Some of us struggle way more than the rest of us, but when you are merely four years old. At this age, you are supposed to enjoy your childhood. Not fight for your life.

A young boy of four was born with a rare disease which makes him look like an 80-year-old pensioner rather than a young boy of four. Born with sagging skin, hollow eyes and swollen face. When he was born, doctors were scared seeing him, not knowing how to treat him.

Bayezid is supposedly suffering from progeria which has sped up his aging almost eight times.Boy Looks Like 80-Year-Old Man

According to Tripti and her husband, they received no support from the villagers and neighbors.Boy Looks Like 80-Year-Old Man

Even though they lined up to have a look at the boy, no one was willing to help.

According to a specialist in Magura Central Hospital, he wouldn’t live for more than 15 years.According to a specialist in Magura Central Hospital, he wouldn't live for more than 15 years.Dr. Bishwas says, ‘His signs suggest he is suffering from a very painful disease. The skin of a progeria patient starts getting loosened like an elderly person months after birth. We can only advise the family to get specialized care in a hospital like, Dhaka Medical College Hospital or Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in Dhaka, as there’s no treatment here.’

His joints ache constantly.His joints ache constantly.

He’s not getting the best care.Boy Looks Like 80-Year-Old Man

As the family is poor, his father fears that his son is not receiving proper medical care.

Painful for the family.Boy Looks Like 80-Year-Old Man

His mother is in uncontrollable tears all the time. It has been four years now and nothing has changed. It is so painful to see that our first child suffers a disease we cannot even treat.”