Man Followed The Rock’s Diet Plan And THIS Is How He Looks Now


Nowadays people have become diet conscious and go to various extents just to look fit and lose some weight. And as far as celebrity diet plans are concerned, people try and follow their diet plans as well. Some successfully complete their diet plans whereas some just fail miserably and put on more weight.

Mark Webster is a man who did something similar; he followed ‘The Rock’s diet plan.’ The changes in his body after that were extremely amazing and we couldn’t resist sharing the story of this man with you.

Meet Mark Webster who has set an example that even an ordinary man can follow a strict diet plan and become fit.The Rock's diet

He followed ‘The Rock’s’ diet plan and transformed a lot. Here’s his daily meal plan.The Rock's diet

This is how his meal of a day looks like. He spends the total amount of US$1,262 on food.The Rock's diet

This is how Mark looks like now. On the right side, he is 94kgs and on the left side he is 93kgs.The Rock's diet

He has started losing excess fat and has begun gaining muscles instead.The Rock's diet

He imitates ‘The Rock’ and does cardio for an hour and 90 minutes of weight training 6 days in a week. The Rock's diet

And because of all this, Dwayne Johnson himself saluted Mark’s discipline and hard work.The Rock's diet plan

So this proves that anyone can lose weight and look fit by just following a proper diet plan and regular exercises. Mark Webster has followed The Rock’s diet plan with discipline which resulted in him having a healthy and fit body and so can anyone of us.