Russian Scientists STOPPED These Enemies To Sleep For A Month, But Then…


There have been numerous instances where scientific experiments have been performed on prisoners and culprits This practice was commonplace back in history and was a way of punishing the enemies of a country.

One such case happened in the late 1940s when five men, who were seen as enemies of the state by the Russian government, were made to take part in an experiment that deprived them of their sleep.


Five men were prevented from sleeping for a month.Russian-scientists-kept-enemies-awake-for-a-month

Small doses of gas were used to see if it could eliminate the need of sleep in them. By the fifth day, the people had started showing signs of paranoia.

They also complained about their circumstances that landed them in the prison.They also complained about their circumstances that landed them in the prison.

Instead of talking to their fellow prisoners, they began speaking into the microphone trying to win the trust of the scientists by betraying the other prisoners.

They started screaming the tenth day.Russian-scientists-kept-enemies-awake-for-a-month

One particular prisoner paced back and forth the length of the room, shouting for three hours straight. After that, his screams turned into squeaks, and the doctors attributed that to the rupture of his vocal cords.

Soon after, there weren’t any sounds from inside the cellsRussian-scientists-kept-enemies-awake-for-a-month

The doctors were concerned as they wouldn’t hear a single sound the whole day. On the fourteenth day, they used an intercom to get some response from the prisoners. They tried to explain that if all of the prisoners cooperated, they would soon be freed.

“We no longer want to be freed,” said one calm voice from inside the prison.

On the fifteenth day, the gas was removed from the chamber.Russian-scientists-kept-enemies-awake-for-a-month

Fresh air was filled in the chamber instead. The prisoners begged them to turn on the gas. When the soldiers came to retrieve the prisoners, they were shocked to see that only 4 of them were breathing.

The food was untouched since the last five days. Pieces of flesh from the thighs and chest of the dead man were missing, which were later found in the drain, clogging it and eventually flooding the room with four inches of water.

Even those prisoners who were alive were devoid of flesh at different parts of their bodies.Russian-scientists-kept-enemies-awake-for-a-month

The wounds appeared self-inflicted. Even the most experienced soldiers were afraid to bring the corpse outside.

They took to violence when they were attempted to be freed.Russian-scientists-kept-enemies-awake-for-a-month

Another prisoner was killed in the process of freeing them. When asked for the reason behind that kind of behavior, they all gave a chilling response, “I must remain awake.”

Soon, the soldiers and researchers began shooting them.Soon, the soldiers and researchers began shooting them.

Now, only one of the five remained. “What are you?”, asked the researcher to him.

“Have you forgotten so easily?”, the subject asked with a smile.

“We are you.”

The researcher then shot him in the heart.

Choking, the subject died with the final words, “So…close…to…freedom.”

Chilling, isn’t it?