This Village Is Haunted By Black Magic… Beware!


Morigaon is a small district in Assam and Mayong is a small tranquil town near Morigaon. Mayong has its own cultural and wildlife significance. Mayong is known for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, but the reason why it is more widely recognized is due to black magic. The village is also considered as the black magic capital of India.

Let’s have a look at the Mayong village and the secrets it holds within.

Why was the village named Mayong?black-magic-town-of-india

According to locals, Mayong got its name from the Sanskrit word “Maya” which means illusion. During its zenith, the magic of the Mayong village was feared so much that the word “magic” became substitutable with Mayong.

The Mayong-Pobitora

The Mayong-Pobitora festival is an annual celebration in Mayong which celebrates the fusion of magic and wildlife. People who practice black magictake out a procession during the three-day festival. The interesting thing is that the people belonging here don’t know how black magic became so popular in this place or who was the first to practice magic there.

Come and learn.Come and learn.

It is believed that people from far off places used to come here to learn and master the art of black magic. Today the village has still got a community of 100-150 magicians. The number of black magic performers has decreased to a greater extent due to the lack of resources and money.

Mayong Central

The government of India opened Mayong Central Museum in 2002, and it contains various books, mythological epics, and some of the very old manuscripts of black magic and Ayurveda. If you are fascinated by black magic and witchcraft, this is the museum you should not miss.

Who performs the magic?black-magic-town-of-india

People who practice the art of black magic are known as Bez or Ojaa. It is also believed that these people keep ghosts as their assistants and can communicate to them whenever they feel.