7 Creepiest Traditions In The World You Won’t Believe Exist


Every culture and religion around the world have their uniqueness which makes it different from the rest. However, there are certain traditions followed by a varied spectrum of people over the globe which cannot be justified in any way.

1: Bullet ant gloves.Creepiest Traditions In The World

Boys of the Amazonian tribe have to prove their manhood when they come of age by wearing a woven mitt in which deadly creatures called bullet ant are placed. Then, they wear these mitts on hands and dance for 10 minutes.

The bizarre part is that they have to repeat this at least 20 times in their lifetime.

2: Hindu Thaipusam festival piercings.Creepiest Traditions In The World

3: Night hunting in Bhutan.Creepiest Traditions In The World

This tradition is called Bomena in the eastern parts of the Himalayan kingdom where young men go out for the search of love in the night and for this they break into the rooms of an eligible spinster. They spend the night there and in case caught, they have to marry the girl.

4: Burial ritual YanomamiCreepiest Traditions In The World

When someone in Yanomami dies, his/her body is burned and then the ash is blended in a plantain soup which is then drunk by dead person’s family member. It is believed that the spirit of the dead person will live this way forever.

5: Thaipusam.Creepiest Traditions In The World

6: Tooth filing, Bali.Creepiest Traditions In The World

Balinese women get their teeth filed for preparing themselves for marriage. Smooth teeth are a symbol of controlling evil emotions such as anger, greed, jealousy and lust.

7: Baby throwing, India.Creepiest Traditions In The World

This ritual involves throwing a newborn baby off a 50ft high temple and then catching them with a cloth. This tradition has been celebrated for more than 500 years. Couples who are being blessed with a child after they visit Sri Santeswar temple practice this tradition.