Great Dane Fighting For ‘World’s Tallest Dog’ Title Meets UK’s Smallest Pooch


How would it look when someone who is 40.5 inches taller is actually standing in front of a 3-inch-tall person? It would look incredible and would surely make some hilarious snaps. This is what happened when Great Dane Major met Chihuahua Disney under the bright sun.  Check out the complete story here!

Disney, the smallest pooch weighs just over 27oz and did not grow since she’s 8 years old.

Major might weigh 12st, but he is known as the loveliest dog in the world.

Major is hoping to be named as the world’s tallest dog after experts from Guinness World Records.

Major eats 6 eggs with 2 kgs of mince daily. Other than this, he also drinks 2 pints of milk daily.

Pooch just eats a cup of food.

Disney’s owner Natalie Vane took her to visit Major from her home in Bilston, West Midlands.

The owner was initially worried but they went along with each other very well.

It seems to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Pooch is so small that it rarely comes up to the Major’s paw.