Golden Facts About John Cena You Should Know Now


John Cena debuted 12 years ago, and he has got stronger over the years, no other superstar has reached the fame as faster than John Cena. He has defined new standards for world wrestling entertainment. The crowd goes berserk as soon as John gets on the center stage.Cena’s winning record is outstanding, winning 15 worlds heavyweight championship and two-time Royal Rumble Championship. No matter how much other WWE rockstars are jealous of Cena, he is one of the greatest boxers in WWE history.

His girlfriend is Nikki Bella, and she is a long-time partner of him.

He is one of the two superstars to win Rumble Royal after entering at 30th position.

He once didn’t had his lunch and pooped before a match!

Cena had a lot of interest in bodybuilding since childhood.

He loves Muscle Cars and he has bought many of them!

Cena was the center of attraction of his college football team because of his great body!

Cena did his graduation with a degree in Exercise Psychology.

John Cena has made $40 million by his movies.

He has granted 400 wishes on Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Cena has worked with Make-A-Wish foundation for 10+ years and granted his 400th make-a-wish request and made many people happy with this great gesture