This 52-Year-Old Cougar Woman Has Dated 250 Young Men And The Reason Is Ridiculous


We have seen people of same age dating each other. We have also seen an old man dating or marrying a young girl, but it comes as a shock when we hear that an old woman has dated young men.Yes! It’s actually true. There is a 52-year-old woman named Juney Smith, and she has dated almost 250 young men ever since she was 30. She is a cougar queen of the UK, and she is proud of that. She believes that dating younger men makes her feel young also old men are not as good as young men. But she also says that just because she is a cougar woman doesn’t mean she is a slut. She says that people generally misinterpret her cougar personality for a slut.Read ahead to know more about this.

This is Juney Smith a 52-year-old businesswoman from St. Albans.

She has dated more than 250 men ever since she has turned 30.

She believes that doing this will make her feel young. 

She says that men of her age either don’t have what young guys have or simply have no idea how to date properly.

The guys whom she dated mostly range from 18 to 45 years of age group and she meets them at clubs, grocery stores, art galleries or service stations.

Juney is quite outspoken and says that it’s always young guys who always hit on me.

She says that when I tried to date men of my age they proved to be boring, bad in bed and also less eager to please. 

She admits that dating young men is an obssession and addition both.

Well, it’s true people shouldn’t judge her or regard her with disrespect and should definitely avoid using the words like a slut just because she is a cougar woman. But Juney is inconsiderate of all these things and is living her life the way that she wants. We wish Juney a happy life ahead. Hope you like this.Share it with your friends and also comment below.Recommended story: This girl travels the world for free and her trips are funded by random men