Archaeologists Found A Body That’s Over 2,000 Years Old, What They Spotted At Its Neck Will Make You Cringe


Besides dinosaur bones, there are many other creepy stuffs discovered by paleontologists in several locations of the world. The branch of Archaeology has reported several mysterious cases of bodies that never decomposed with time. Some artefacts found by historians in Eastern and Northern Europe is horrible. Recently, scientists found bodies covered with bog butter in Ireland and Scotland. This phenomenon of preserving the dead bodies using bog butter had been practiced for thousands of years. Scroll down to know more about this unique preservation technique.Recommended story: 500-year-old girl’s blood can save life of any dying man and it’s hard to believe

Bog butter is composed of lard, tallow or dairy fat. 

It is sickly yellowish in color and possesses a disgusting smell. The unique scientific properties of bog butter contributed in preserving the human bodies for more than 5,000 years. 

Archaeologists found out that these people died in brutal manner. 

Tollund Man is one of the most popular bog bodies found in Denmark in 1950. The dead man was found wearing a belt and hat with remains of noose around his neck.&nbsp

Few years later, scientists found another bog body in Denmark’s Jutland Peninsula. 

Grauballe Man was found naked with stark red hair due to discoloration of the bog. His neck was cut so ferociously that his esophagus and trachea also smashed at the time of his death. Interestingly, his bones were preserved because of the preservation of corpse in bog butter

Lindow Man is another famous bog body discovered in England in 1984. 

It is the most intact bog body found in the country till date. The dead man was found stabbed in his chest and wrapped with a sinew cord around his body.&nbsp

Apart from these legendary bodies, there are some not so famous bog bodies such as Ireland’s Old Croghan Man.

Scientific evidence proves that the nipples of this man were ruptured and he was cruelly tortured before being stabbed to death.&nbsp

Scientists found many women bog bodies as well

The 16-year-old girl from Netherland with scoliosis was hanged with a noose and stabbed near her collarbone.&nbsp

Archaeologists keep discovering bog bodies every now and then

The concept of bog bodies is fascinating and horrible at the same time. 

The practice of preserving butter in bogs and using the same for covering the dead bodies is disgusting.Share this shocking story with your friends and family.