10 Weirdest Things Girls Have Ever Done


Girls of this generation are in no way lesser than the guys when we talk about the basic sectors of life. For example, being weird. Girls are nailing the art of creeping out the rest of us by just being themselves. Hey, gals! We know you have it in you so continue with your daily routine of spectacularity and give hilarity one more chance to rise and shine.Recommended story:15 Weirdest Prom Dresses Girls Have Ever Worn

1: Hunger can make anyone do things. Really weird things

2: And in case, you are out of sause, eat the crockery instead.

3: When you need pictures from every freaking angle. Go crazy!

4: Do not judge, people. Everyone needs rest.

5: This bath is healthy for your weight.

6: Fun is going out of your way to not look normal.

7: Let’s not even start about this picture as I can go on and on.

8: Yikes!

9: I am sure, she’s an explanation for this.

10: Ok, I am not sure anymore.