5 Historic Olympic Gold Medalists Who Also Smoke Weed


Smoking weed has been a sketchy subject for Olympic competitors before. The IOC has exceptionally casual weed tasting rules and the Olympic competitors are permitted to smoke weed without being excluded. Cannabis is still authoritatively banned but Olympians can escape without smoking marijuana as long as it is not done while contending.

1. Michael Phelps1. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian without any argument. In 2008 shortly after he had won a record eight gold medals. He was captured using a “bong.” The photograph was taken at the University of South Carolina party where Phelps was secretly seeing a girl. Phelps later apologized for his behavior openly.

He was also suspended by the USA swimming association for three months and lost a not worthy sponsorship with Kellog.

2. Usain Bolt

2. Usain Bolt 

The speediest man alive used to smoke a lot of ganja when he was young and I bet he enjoyed smoking it. The world record holder in the 100m and 200m, Bolt has not backed off and is set to make new records in Rio. Bolt doesn’t smoke any longer but he has been seen on many occasions to embrace cannabis society by posting pictures of him with a cannabis attire brand.

3. Ross Rebagliati3. Ross Rebagliati

Ross was the first person ever to win an Olympic gold decoration for Men’s snowboarding at the 1998 winter Olympics. He was found to have 17.8 ng/ml of THC(the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) in his blood and was consequently precluded. He reasoned it by saying the THC was from passive smoke at the time.

He was later given his awards back after a decision which called said that Ganja was not on the list of banned substances in 1998. Today Rebagliati is a self-announced canna-competitor and a pot business visionary who regularly posts about the intense plant on Instagram.

4. Nicholas Delpoplo4. Nicholas Delpoplo

Nicholas Delpoplo is an American Judo competitor who at  2012, London games had been tested positive for THC and was banned from the games. He said that he was unknowingly given an edible stuff that contained THC. Now whether or not he ate that edible on purpose is under question.

We would assume that an Olympian level fighter knows what’s good for him and he wouldn’t consume anything which would harm his body.

5. Jamie Anderson5. Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson is the only female athlete on this list. Though she did not fail any drug test nor was she punished for cannabis use but she did lead reporters to believe that she is a cannabis user.

So, the Olympic committee is starting to loosen up their take on cannabis. That’s good, right? I feel bad for the athletes who had to give away their medals or could not compete because of some whacko weed policies.