8 Community Events That Are Needed To Be Stopped RIGHT NOW


Community or cultural events are being followed through the ages. These events were started to bring people closer or talk about an issue, but as the years have passed by, these events have become useless. These events end up being outdated and rather dangerous in some cases. Bullfighting, dog racing, and sorority initiations have become dangerous over time.

Just because these traditions are being done since olden times, doesn’t mean they should continue and cause physical and mental harm to the society.

Here are some traditions that need to be stopped immediately.

1. Greyhound racing. 1. Greyhound racing. 

It first started in 1912, where Greyhounds were made to chase live hares on track, and then people betted on them. Later on, live hares were replaced by mechanic ones but the chase by Greyhounds was bound to happen. Dogs were also trained this way by using piglets, possums, and rabbits as baits. Once the dog catches them, they kill them. Once the dog is 6 years old, it’s too old and they euthanize it.

2. Sorority initiation. 2. Sorority initiation. 

Although, this practice was used as an amazing experience for freshman students so that they can get to know other students better. Over time, it has become a means of torturing young students and getting them to perform socially humiliating or even near criminal tasks in order to get into the sorority. Many states have passed laws against it, but colleges do very little to stop this from happening.

3. Bull racing/fighting. 3. Bull racing/fighting. 

This originally started in Spain, where bulls were startled and made to run into the city. This was a way to herd them but later, some men started running in front of the bulls to show their bravery. This resulted in becoming a nationwide competition and many people and bulls started getting hurt out of this. Before being released, the bulls were kept in an enclosed space and then given an electric shock so that they run. This ended up giving some bulls a heart attack.

4. Competitive eating 4. Competitive eating 

Competitive eating used to be a part of the carnival freak show until it started being an official contest. The participants usually spend months and years in training which includes treating their body to brutal regimes. As a result, these ‘eaters’ tend to suffer from drastic health problems which come due to water intoxication or even choking.

5. Motorsports/racing. 5. Motorsports/racing. 

It is the fastest growing sport in the world and it has been proved to be dangerous on so many levels. Firstly, the environment is suffering because these race cars emit nearly 1500 grams of carbon dioxide per half a mile and as a result, global warming conditions are getting worse. In addition, this sport poses a danger to the driver, crew members, and sometimes even the audiences.

6. Rodeos. 6. Rodeos. 

Rodeos have come as a result of herding practices from olden times, but now in places like Canada, United States, and Mexico, it has become a full-fledged competition. Some events conducted at the rodeos are bareback riding, roping, and steer wrestling. During these events, many animals suffer from broken bones, ripped tendons, and sometimes die from the stress.

7. Public execution. 7. Public execution. 

Although execution as a punishment has been outlawed in many countries, but some still practice it. In the United States, public executions are performed where the inmate is given a lethal injection on a cot with an audience watching. In more high-profile cases, the footage is broadcasted to an audience on a large scale. In some countries like Somalia, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, inmates are buried in the ground with their face and shoulders showing up and people throw rocks and stones at them until they finally die of injuries.

8. Bullfighting. 8. Bullfighting. 

Bullfighting is practiced as a form of art rather than a competition in many places. There is a ring of spectators watching this event. The bullfighters stand at the corner when the wild bull is released. Every time the bull passes by them, they stab the bull repeatedly with a sword. At the end, they kill the raging bull and cut off its horns for public display. The bull goes through torture and ultimately a slow painful death.