5 Most Shocking Moments Of Nudity In WWE


WWE always fascinates us, whether with its female wrestling or male championships. The show gets telecasted with P.G. certification which allows all the age groups to be the part of this entertainment. However, we all know that the program WWE is full of violence, abusive language, and also has yes some nudity in it.

Most of the time it happens during the fight that we see wardrobe malfunctions of the fighters which often leads to nudity. And sometimes there are incidents when wrestlers either pull down the tights or tear apart the outfits of the opponents, which result in nakedness.

Here is a list of all the WWE stars who accidentally becomes the part of nudity without knowing!

1. Mae Young At The 2000 Royale Rumble1. Mae Young At The 2000 Royale Rumble

In 2000, WWE decided to hold the Miss Royal Rumble bikini contest. When Ivory, Jacqueline, Terri Runnels and The Kat were competing; Mae Young entered the show, and she pulled her swimsuit down in front of everyone and showed her chest to the live crowd. Well, Thankfully it was censored with a bar pop up to hide the image before getting telecasted on T.V.

2. Aksana’s Wardrobe Malfunction Vs Brie Bella2. Aksana’s Wardrobe Malfunction Vs Brie Bella

Everyone knows Aksana and how bad this bombshell is. She is also famous for not wearing a bra whenever she comes to the ring. In one of the episodes of Raw, Brie Bella grabbed Aksana from behind; her suit was pulled resulting in reflection of her chest and her back to the whole WWE Universe.

3. Dawn Marie Flashes The Crowd3. Dawn Marie Flashes The Crowd

WWE Divas are always a winner in stealing your heart, and Dawn Marie is an add on to your entertainment. In an episode of Smackdown, at one point in the middle of the fight, Dawn flashed her chest going right in the center of the crowd. Sadly, the TV audience could not see it, but the live crowd got much more than they expected.

4. Candice Michelle Bra and Panties Match4. Candice Michelle Bra and Panties Match

During women’s championship in 2015, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, and Victoria fought against Trish Straus and Ashley; where Ashley yanked down Candice’s skirt and underwear in the match after beating Victoria.

5. Stephanie Mc Mohan Up For Pedigree5. Stephanie Mc Mohan Up For Pedigree

After undergoing breast enlargement surgery, Stephanie was booked to set up a pedigree by Triple H on the announcement table. Stephaine failed to judge the weight of her chest, and when she bend forward, her breast was visible to the crowd as well as got captured by the camera.