This Is What Happens When A Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman


It is the ultimate question regarding pregnancy doubts whether or not the couple can have regular intercourse. Usually, it is said that it is possible to have intercourse until the woman doesn’t feel any discomfort or there aren’t any pregnancy related complications. But what happens in normal pregnancies? Does the baby get somehow affected by having intercourse or could some positions be harmful to the baby in the uterus?

Can the baby feel it?Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman

In the female reproductive canal, the vagina and the uterus don’t come in contact due to the cervix. Although, the cervix may dilate as the pregnancy progresses, but never to a great extent.

Technically, sex during any stage of pregnancy shouldn’t hurt the baby.Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman

 The cervix is nearly 7 inches long so the baby won’t feel a thing.

As you can see, there is space below the uterus and cervix. Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman

That entire region can be called as the vaginal or the birth canal. The penis only enters the vaginal space and doesn’t go beyond that.

At any given time in a woman’s body, the same space is maintained.Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman

 So whether or not the woman is pregnant, the distance between the vagina, cervix and uterus remain the same.

The cervix only dilates and opens up during labor. Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman

The baby will detect movement. Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman

While having sex, the baby can detect the movement of the mother. But it’s the same as when she walks, climbs stairs or does some work

So, it is completely fine to have sex during pregnancy. Man Makes Love To A Pregnant Woman

Even until the last month of pregnancy, the couple can continue having sex if the woman is comfortable.