Bollywood Superstars Who Love To Sleep N*de


Sleeping the most awaited time of the day, everyone has their own and different way of enjoying their sleep. Some like to sleep with their pets whereas some prefer soft toys or pillows.

Have you ever wondered a few Bollywood celebrities love to sleep without clothes… Yes, you read it right… n@ked. Omg… I can’t…can you?

1. Jacqueline Fernandezebwgmnk3gizjl08mm0is

In a recent interview with VJ Anusha Dandekar, Jacqueline revealed that she loves going to bed with the bare minimum.

2. John Abrahamhqccl943ilksx0hjubdh

John on a recent talk show which was aired in H0t Star, said he goes to bed n*de.

3. Padma Lakshmikky0aod41zhg8imst6ix

Television host Padma said, she likes to sleep nu*e.

4. Rakhi Sawanthxgh7exzl6ehobf215ei

In a recent interview, on a rapid fire round, she said she hates to have clothes while sleeping and she loves to sleep in her “born dress i.e. nothing”.

5. Poonam Pandey1jprqce2dkz96yfeerfk