10 Nipple Tattoos That Are Simply Absurd


Talking about tattoos, there are some body parts where you can get yourself inked. Eve after having free access to so many options, some people chose the most bizarre place to get a tat. However, the real reason why we find the situation hilarious is not where these people got inked but instead what they choose to have on their mortal bodies for as long as they breathe.

Not a very bright decision must say.

1: Ummm… I can’t imagine someone having a nipple as the center of their face. Nipple Tattoos

2: This guy expects a nipple to keep him stable on grounds. Don’t have high hopes, man.Nipple Tattoos

3: This is what happens when Pacman enters the game.Nipple Tattoos

4: When a T-rex wants a ham, he gets it.Nipple Tattoos

5: Then, there is this perfect window.Nipple Tattoos

6: Scary stuff.6: Scary stuff.

7: Where do I even start.Nipple Tattoos

8: This hairy version of Harry Potter.Nipple Tattoos

9: Because why not just turn it into poop?Nipple Tattoos

10: Never ever pull the pin.Nipple Tattoos