NASA Launches $1 Million Contest For Creation Of Humanoid Robot To Be Landed On Mars


NASA had recently marked a milestone in space exploration when its satellite Juno entered the orbit of Jupiter. But, later there was a breaking NEWS that NASA will do this to Juno once its work was done!

Humans are to land on Mars in the 2030s, accompanied with robots. NASA is quite serious about it, which is evident from the fact that it has launched a $1 Mn challenge for engineers to develop the capabilities in a humanoid robot.

The Space Robotics Challenge will witness various teams struggling to develop a virtual robot on NASA’s advanced Robonaut R5 android, called as Valkyrie, to complete a number of tasks that will aid the living of humans on the journey.

NASA has ambitious plans, and wants to turn them into reality.NASA has ambitious plans, and wants to turn them into reality.

The development of robots as humanoids has started.The development of robots as humanoids has started.

And, has come a  long way, too!

This is Valkyrie.This is Valkyrie.

It is a six-foot tall, 290-pound humanoid designed to especially work in extreme environmental conditions.

It has the basic functions.It has the basic functions.

It can ‘see’, thanks to sensors and cameras in its head, walk, and clasp objects in its hands, which have three fingers and a thumb.

The bigger challenge with Valkyrie.The bigger challenge with Valkyrie.

The real challenge is to enhance its proficiency so that it can perform delicate operations with its hands.

The million-dollar question is-The million-dollar question is-

To win the competition, teams will have to solve the aftermath of a dust storm that has damaged a Martian habitat, in a virtual simulation. This will essentially contain three tasks- aligning a communication dish, repairing a solar array, and fixing a habitat leak. These are all the challenges that could pose threat to the lives of the people who will tour Mars in the near future.

It will be so other-worldly to see the journey unfold.It will be so other-worldly to see the journey unfold.

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