Diamond Miners Found Mysterious Mummified Animal That’s Puzzling The Scientists


We all have an interest in the discoveries that spring up every day and here we have something new for you.Well, Siberian frost is not novel in giving us the discoveries of perfectly fossiled remains of something weird and this time, a group of miners has found something bizarre in the regions of Siberia, for the world is guessing what it might be.

Diamond miners found this strange mummified creature. They dubbed it as ‘monster mummy’.

Due to Udachny’s sub-arctic freezing temperatures, the creature is perfectly preserved, with claws, fangs, and teeth still intact.

Average temperature remains from minus 43.6C to minus 35.2C in January.

People are guessing it to be a newly discovered species of dinosaurs.

Scientists think that it could be a mammal such as a Wolverine…..

…. or a marten.

There’s also a possibility that the monster mummy is actually a young Bear.

The remains of creature are now being taken to Yakutsk to be examined by scientists.Recommended for you: Lion Attacks A Kid While The Mother Simply Laughs In The Terrifying Video