Here’s Why Men Cheat Their Girlfriend/Wife


Men are found to be more on the side of polygamy than women. As humans, none of us are monogamous anyway, but with the development of society and culture, we have created for ourselves rules and restrictions. They bind our animal instincts into standard norms and prevent a lot of chaos and violence and stuff (also lead to it).

Talking about sex and relationships in such a world, the biological and individual factors have led to a lot of unacceptable (but non-criminal) behaviour such as cheating in a relationship. And with the first line, men might cheat more than women. But what might be the factors involved?

Born Liars?Born Liars?

Well, many people are just born liar and it is equally true for women as well. But women cheating is a bigger stigma and shameful than men and this fear leads to women cheating less. Even for the fact that women are biologically supposed to lie as a counter to men’s muscular advantage against each other.

Confidence, in self and to win others’Confidence, in self and to win others'

Yes, and in the process, they lose everyone’s often their own too. Women need to just get that one guy to show her worth while men need to win over more women to build their egos. Also, women tend to seek security and stability while men need adventure. All combined, men might cheat.

Still ImmatureStill Immature

If he hangs out with his friends college style then as a simple fact he’s got the boy still in him. And a boy can not be trusted cause they go long to look cool. Although all the boys are not cheaters but certainly have second thoughts which might strengthen with complications in relations.

Damaged and played withDamaged and played with

Well, if you are not the first then the previous relation or even other life events might damage a person deeply. It is plainly psychological, applicable to women as well. Only women usually tend to move on easily.

Boredom, or getting commited only for $exBoredom, or getting commited only for $ex

Many men tend to get into relations for $ex and when the relation fails to induce emotional attachment, over time they get bored and out of insecurities might just not end current relations and instead chose to cheat.