Female Police Officer Takes Daring Selfies In Uniform, What Happens Next Is Extreme!


Professionalism takes a lot of responsibility and honor for oneself, as well as to the institution an individual is committed to. Wherever you are, or whatever you do, everything you are associated with will be reflected. More so, as long as you wear a uniform, a cap, a color coded suit, a bracelet or anything else embedded with your organization’s name, logo, or symbol, you are expected to have proper decorum, work ethics, and a pleasing personality.

But then, some people seem to forget this unspoken rule and fail to comply this simple condition. Sometimes, it happens out of maleducation, curiosity or sheer stupidity. Apparently, those who fail to follow the broken line commit unwanted consequences.

This article is about an ex-policewoman who became very ignorant about the pros and cons of little-to-large acts, thus facing a kind of fate. Subsequently, this would serve as a ‘friend’ for those who wanted some clarity, as well as to those who think of challenging the institutions where they belong. One more thing, for those who are very strong and full of themselves, have some time to read this, and learn to some extent.

Dandong City, China. Female police officer was ousted from serviceDandong City, China. Female police officer was ousted from service 

She has to say goodbye from being a law enforcer of the country with the largest population in the world. She only did one thing: she posted a selfie wearing her police uniform. The catch? She wears nothing but an almost 8-inch black shorts as an undergarment. Which high-ranking Chinese police authority would love that fashion?

Culprit’ posed so daring with her Weibo account'Culprit' posed so daring with her Weibo account

Weibo is a microblogging website that is famous in China. Her username was identified as @Xiaotianshihelaotianxiangdegushi.

Putting her off the rank was solely due to improper decorumPutting her off the rank was solely due to improper decorum

Upon discovery, she lost two things–her work and position in service. What a sad day for her. Imagine, it’s just a very small action.

Never forget what have happened in MexicoNever forget what have happened in Mexico

The same case happened when a Mexican cop posed with a revealing top, together with some teasing pout.

She recognized this as a scandalous actShe recognized this as a scandalous act

Well, before the institution filed a termination case with her name, she opted to file for a resignation instead.

Moral storyMoral story

Sexiness does not necessarily mean showing flesh. Look at this female cop as an example. Did you see any unconservative flesh off the image?

Also, having that ‘fierce’ aura does not require much effort on showing curvaturesAlso, having that 'fierce' aura does not require much effort on showing curvatures

A simple, respectable poise is more than enough to communicate the fact that there’s some sexiness within oneself, right?

Or just be silent but deadlyOr just be silent but deadly

Doing the ‘poker face’ thing can show a lot of hotness, really. Learn the drill. Be sexy but be smart. Be mindful of the possible effects of each of your actions the next time. Serve this as your lesson for today!