7 Random Thoughts That Can Stop You From Having One Of The Best Nights With Your Partner


If you don’t control your mind, someone else will, or SOMETHING else will. When you’re in bed with your partner, you may not always be able to focus on him.

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The way a man expresses his love may be different from the way a woman does. And then if your thoughts can actually have an effect on your orgasm.

There are so many things happening with us all the time that it is almost impossible to not think about anything while making love with your partner.  As compared to a man, a woman always finds it difficult ‘to come’ and apart from her body, there are hundred other reasons that make the process all the more difficult for her.


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These are mostly called the O-blocking thoughts. O-blocking thoughts have the ability to ruin your night and while they are out of control, there are ways to control your mind, which can help you deal with these thoughts. These thoughts may not cause harm to your body, but they can definitely be a hindrance in your lovemaking sessions if they keep bothering you every single night.

Check out these seven O-blocking thoughts that can totally ruin your night with your partner.

When you try really hard.

When you’re too stressed with work

When you get conscious

When romance doesn’t seem like love

When you’re just plain confused and uncomfortable

When you’ve no control over your thoughts

When your mind is too diverted

Well, now that you’re awake and know what not to do, you can definitely have a good ‘good night’ session! *winks*