Men Will Never Want To Keep Mobile Phones In Their Pocket After Reading THIS!


Our lifestyle is one of the major reasons for most of our uninvited health problems. Be it working till late, stressing about life, smoking, drinking or eating habits, everything has a counter effect on our body.


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And whether you’d like to accept it or not, but your mobile phone too can have a severe impact on your health. While it does let you connect with people outside, it also disconnects you from having a healthy long life.

Mobile phones have a significant impact on men’s sperm. It has been observed that men who keep their phones in their trouser pockets could be exposing themselves to radiation which affects their sperm quality.
Studies at the University of Exeter found that electromagnetic radiation lowered the viability and movement of sperm by 8 percent. They also found that men who kept their mobile phones in their pockets during the day were affected in alomost 47 percent cases.


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Majority people today own a mobile phone and around 14 percent of couples in wealthy conutries have difficulty conceiving. Fertility experts are warning men using mobile phones for as little as an hour a day as excessive usage is “cooking sperm” and lowering level significantly. The new study shows that keeping a mobile phone close to the testicles – or within a foot or two of the body can lower sperm levels so much that conceiving could be difficult.

Sperm quality can be affected in three different ways: viability, how much of the sperm is healthy, motility or how well it moves towards an egg and concentration of sperm cells in semen. Researchers have stated that this could be happening because of heating of the sperm caused by the phone and by electromagnetic activity. Moreover, not just pockets, but it has been observed that keeping cell phones on bedside table could also raise lower sperm cell counts. Therefore, researchers suggest that men need to look after their well being inorder to not encounter such major issues.

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They have also stated that very soon if couples are unable to conceive then they can consider one of the reasons being their mobile phones. Therefore, it is suggested that if you wear a suit to work put the mobile in your chest pocket instead of close to your testes. It will reduce the risk of your sperm count dropping or dropping so much.