8 Unusual Weddings That Are Romantic To The Extreme

1. Jannette Burr and Hans Sachs This is maybe the most seasoned wedding which can be termed bizarre. The pair got hitched in 1951, in Austria, while water skiing, that too in their wedding clothing! Indeed, a few people we know would absolutely show some kindness assault if their wedding outfit were to be oppressed to such a torment, however what a completely essential wedding.


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2. Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan The couple got hitched in microgravity, skimming altered in the skies of South Florida. Indeed, given they couldn’t have the space wedding that they initially needed, this was the following best alternative.


3. Scott and Crystal Morrell This was another ski wedding, where the couple had their pre-marriage ceremony done at the Loveland Ski Area Resort.


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4. Jeroen and Sandra Kippers They really bung-bounced! They said yes subsequent to bouncing, yet a significant fun way, wouldn’t you say? Theirs was named a marriage in the sky, and genuinely dynamite it was.


5. April Pignataro and Michael Curry This one was submerged, and that too inside a shark tank! A significant vast measure of fearlessness would have been expected to say “I do’s” while being encompassed by fierce animals who could tear them separated in seconds.


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6. Fran Calvo and Monica Fraile This one was submerged as well, however less frightening, and a ton more excellent, with the greens and weeds, with bright ocean magnificence drifting around, vegetation in all its eminence. These two got hitched at the Sea Life Aquarium, in Spain.


7. Christof Galuschka and Evelyn New These two got hitched in a Hot Air Balloon, no less! Very mystical it would have been, we’re certain; Flying in isolation, and saying words which portrayed what they felt for each other.


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8. Rick Harper and Marlene Hoar Ever known about a Rappelling wedding? Enterprise sport? Yes. Wedding topic? For hell’s sake, no. Particularly not on the off chance that you are a ways into your 50s and 60s. Be that as it may, this couple demonstrated us wrong when Rick, then 64, wedded Marlene, then 55, rappelling down a high rise in Vancouver. My, we wouldn’t set out.