Guy Hung Out With These Celebrities And Proved Nothing Is Impossible In The World


Being a friend with someone famous can make you feel like you are quite popular too. Even if your friend simply won an essay contest or was a basketball champion, you feel like you are getting a part of their glory when you are with them.

But what if you can be with any celebrity? Say thanks to your sheer creativity! This is what Lorenz Valentino has achieved, so much so that he needs to have a Facebook and Instagram account to show all his hilariousPhotoshop moments with all of them.

Cristiano Ronaldo1. Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the world’s best soccer players looks like he just wants to stay away as much as possible from Dino, who is also a model and actor.

Paris Hilton2. Paris Hilton

Paris might not be making as many scandals as before, but that does not mean that she is less worthy of attention for Dino.

Kylie Jenner3. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has a gorgeous body that’s apparently sponsored by Calvin Klein, and adding Lorenz’s funny costume just makes this photo remarkable.

Batman vs Superman4. Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman might not have been as awesome as fans wanted it to be, but Dino sure knows how to make it more humorous.