Most Violent Sports Around The World


Sports are for joy, entertainment and to spread harmony. But, we can not ignore that many matches turn violent at times because some athletes can not control their emotions and aggression. You might know some sports are violent by nature where injuries and blood are not accidental. These extremely brutal sports which show the darker side of humanity.

Bloody sports ever.Bloody sports ever.

. Bullfighting1. Bullfighting

Probably, the most dangerous sport that shows human brutality against animals. Several bulls fight inside a ring and the scene is just nerve-wracking. It is mostly popular in Spain and also excitingly conducted in countries like Portugal, France, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador etc. Around 250,000 bulls are killed during bullfights every year. Bullfights are violent not only for the bulls, but the game is much risky for the matadors as well. They are attacked by bulls every season. 533 notable professional bullfighters or matadors die in the ring due to serious injuries in past centuries. The death are now decreased due to the advancement in surgical techniques. The sport carries cultural and religious importance in countries like Spain. Bullfighting is now banned in many countries.

Calcio Storico2. Calcio Storico

Calcio Storico appears as the combination of rugby, soccer and Greco-Roman wrestling. This is also called historic football which originated in Italy in 16th century. The duration of the match is fifty minutes which is played on the sand in historic costumes. To score more goals than the rival team, players can punch and kick one another. The players beat opponents so fiercely so that they would leave the game and not return.

The teams consist of 27 players and they can do anything with the opponent players to earn scores.The teams consist of 27 players and they can do anything with the opponent players to earn scores.

Bull-running3. Bull-running

Do you consider running in front of a bull as adventurous? The bulls are left loose on the streets. Many people participate and are often attacked by the bulls. The running of the bulls is a famous eight-day festival in honor of Saint Fermin in Pamplona, Spain. Each year, thousands of tourists gather to participate or observe the festival. Hundreds of participants are injured annually. Since 1924, 15 people have died which occurred by the severe attack of the bulls. This traditional sport is popular in Portugal, Mexico and France as well. The sport falls in controversy as many animal rights activists oppose for torturing the bulls for entertainment.

Mixed Martial Arts4. Mixed Martial Arts

One of the brutal and violent sports ever. Hurting the opponent by striking and grappling to make more scores is the main feature of the sport. Seven deaths during the competitions are recorded till the date. The concept and practice of MMA started during the Classic Greek era. The modern professional competitions are now widely popular in many countries like US, Belgium, Brazil, Japan etc. In Japan, female MMA competition started since the mid-1990s.

Rugby5. Rugby

Many athletes die every year from rugby-related injuries. Breaking bones, fingers, noses, necks, backs etc. are too common in rugby. Despite the brutality, rugby gains popularity over the years. The Rugby World Cup held in 1987 in Australia and New Zealand, now occurs in every four years