How The Undertaker From WWE Looks Like Now Will Make You Feel Awkward


Once you hear the word ‘The Undertaker,’ I know that you’ll start fearing.

Mark William Calaway, also known as The Undertaker, is considered as legendary in the world of American Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He has been performing with the company since 1990, and the people of different generations witnessed his triumphs, losses, disappearances and showing ups. Before, he played as a wrestler on the side of the supernatural, with graves, horrors and the likes, but eventually, he experimented on his craft and become a wrestler carrying ever-changing suites. He’s involved in various storylines in the wrestling entertainment scene, capturing millions of followers around the world. He is hailed as the World Wrestling Champion for a long time. Truly, people have seen him grow old in the industry.

On and off. Well, he’s on his way to senior citizenship so he’s not up there all the time. Currently, he just had a fight with Shane McMahon, under theWrestleMania streak. Soon before he shows up to a WWE tour in the United Kingdom, he was pulled out due to some reasons. But there are speculations that the reason revolves around his health condition.

Months have passed and we’ve never heard so much from him. This exclusive scoop will show you how he looks like at present.