His Stomach Bulges Like A Football Everytime He Coughs, Shocking


He was bullied, accused of shoplifting football just because his stomach was so lumpy.

A pensioner named Glenn Williams, 67, was left with a gigantic bulge. It was because of the complications of bowel cancer surgery.

He almost spent two years suffering from the growth and each time he coughs, his stomach bulged like a football. It was measured around 20 cm by 30 cm.

A hernia happens when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.


When he coughs, it comes out like thisWhen he coughs, it comes out like this.

Mr Williams told his hernia was inoperable, which was ten times bigger than the usual size

He was accused for shoplifting.He was accused for shoplifting.

He says, “‘On another occasion when I had my Jack Russell terrier with me someone asked why I hadn’t given him the football and another person even asked when my twins were due.

People stared him wherever he went.People stared him wherever he went.

He was affected not only emotionally, mentally but physically too. The pain from which he has been through was terrible and awful.

Later he consulted plastic surgeon Graham.Later he consulted plastic surgeon Graham.

He told him about a ground-breaking new procedure. The father of two from Leicester, underwent a complex six hour operation.

Incredibly, the surgery corrected the condition.Incredibly, the surgery corrected the condition.

Mr Complex, who is a leading specialist in complex abdominal wall reconstruction said it was the biggest hernia he had ever operated.

It looks normal like this.It looks normal like this.