Your Eyes Will Never Believe The Beauty Of World’s Prettiest Horse


For horse lovers, enthusiasts and maybe, er, ruminant biologists around the world who put interest on horses, have you ever seen the epitome of grace in galloping, perfect mane and tail, flawless skin, undeniable charming aura, photogenicity, telegenicity and freshness? Right now, we have that here.

Let’s celebrate for today, as we’ve seen the majestic view of this awesome ruminant we cannot see everyday in our lives. This creature is very excited to show the world how well was he raised by whoever owns him. In fact, you can feel that through his tantalizing eyes.

Without further ado, let’s witness how this horse has become an onlinesensation, and who is he exactly. I tell you, he has the perfect package.

World, meet Frederik the Great! World, meet Frederik the Great! 

Frederik the Great is a Friesian stallion based in the United States.

He was named after the king of Prussia, Postdam, Germany.He was named after the king of Prussia, Postdam, Germany.

Not bad, as Frederik is really nailing his existence as a horse. Well, admittedly, he’s not yet that victorious, but look at how he looks like? Winning, indeed!

Frederik’s breed is not endemic to the Americas.Frederik's breed is not endemic to the Americas.

Friesian horses originated from Netherlands.

Sorry horses, I’m hair-flipping”

Incomparable mane-and-tail, indeed!Incomparable mane-and-tail, indeed!