Russian P0rn Star Offers A 16 Hour Steamy Session To A Footballer If He Scores 5 Goals


Sportsmen are that species of human beings who need a proper motivation to excel in any activity. I will personally never be able to achieve anything, if not for the inspiration that I get from the great people like Martin Luther King Jr, that I follow. Be it a gangster or an intellect, they all have an idol to follow. If not, everyone dreams to become somebody’s idol for sure.

In this process of becoming someone’s idol, a Russian model went too far with her idea.

Alina YeremenkoAlina Yeremenko

Indecent ProposalIndecent Proposal

She has pitched an undeniable offer in front of twenty-four-year-old ace Russian soccer player Kokorin. She has claimed that she will make love with him continuously for 16 hours if he hits five goals in a game

Alexander KokorinAlexander Kokorin

He plays for Dynamo Moscow and has had a nice season with seven goals so far

The InterviewThe Interview

In an Interview where she was asked to mark the players of Russian Premiere League Championship on a scale of ten, she gave Kokorin ten out of ten

Will he change his strategy for getting the favorWill he change his strategy for getting the favor

Some other fans say that this cheap deal will not make a professional soccer player to change the way he plays.

Football and Porn, what a logic!Football and Porn, what a logic!

Alina says that football and porn are same for her as there are many pretty boys involved in both!

Unlucky some!Unlucky some!