7 People Who Totally Forgot Reflections Exist And Ruined Their Social Life


Most of the things in our life are small and we think that they don’t really matter at all. But sometimes, these things are actually things that may seem small, however, they are actually things that really matter. We need to take of such things and move ahead to see them properly and take proper care so that they don’t happen again or at least they aren’t captured forever. These people forgot mirrors have reflections and well, you decide how it turned out for them. Cropping helps, remember that.

Sorry, Granny.1. Sorry, Granny.

Do it first.2. Do it first.

I am thin.3. I am thin.

Take a picture, baby girl.4. Take a picture, baby girl.

Such priorities.5. Such priorities.

Such traffic, much wow.6. Such traffic, much wow.

After all, they are free.7. After all, they are free.