7 Warning Signs That Tell Your Vagina Is Unhealthy


Every woman needs to know that their vagina is the most important and sensitive part of their body. So, they should take proper care of that. Keeping it clean all the times is a basic step to follow.

Here are the signs that prove your vagina is unhealthy and without any delay, you should consult a gynecologist.

If vagina is dry.1. If vagina is dry.

Vagina can’t be dry or wet all the time. But, if there is dryness for a long time, you seriously need to go for a check up then. But, the dryness of your vagina is understandable if you are above 50, then it’s because of menopause actually.

Excessive discharge.2. Excessive discharge.

Too much foul smell.3. Too much foul smell.

Whenever you go for pee and feel a foul smell, then know it’s coming from vagina. It is one of the signs of an unhealthy vagina.

Burning..4. Burning..

If you are feeling some itchiness or burning in your vagina, then you should not take it for granted and surely consult a doctor soon.

Dis-coloured discharge from you vagina.5. Dis-coloured discharge from you vagina.

Abnormal bleeding.6. Abnormal bleeding.

Abnormal bleeding is caused due to the hormonal imbalance. Better to have a check up

Bleeding after sex.7. Bleeding after sex.

This is the biggest symptom of cervical cancer, so should be careful about this.